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Tips for choosing a domain name:

To some people, choosing and finding the right domain name for their web site is just as important and sometimes more daunting than actually developing the web site itself. Click on the tips below for details to take into consideration when choosing the perfect domain name for your web presence.

When choosing a domain name for your web site it is important to make sure the domain name reflects the site it will be used with or the company in which it is associated. When people visit they are expecting to arrive at our web site. Domain names that share a commonality with the name of the site or the company it represents allows new and returning visitors to easily recognize if they have made it to the correct web site.
Keeping things simple, makes it easier for your visitors to find you on-line. In addition, ideal domain names should be unique, as short as possible, and easy to remember. It is much easier for your visitors to find, navigate to, and remember your web site if it has a short URL such as "" rather than "".
Domain names that contain hyphens or numbers not only take away from the simplicity factor of typing the domain name for your visitors, but it also makes it hard to promote verbally. Have you ever tried to accurately say "" aloud?
When picking the right domain name it is important to realize that not everyone is as tech savvy as the next person. There is nothing wrong with registering .net, .org, or .us domain names, many successful web sites use these TLDs. However, securing a .com should be your target goal when choosing the perfect domain name. The reason for this is that many people still automatically assume that .com is all there is. They completely forget that other TLDs such as .net even exist. This can lead to a loss of traffic for your website, or very confused visitors when they land on the wrong site.

DNS & Web Forwarding

Mercury Telecom wholesale DNS provides ISPs and Hosting companies with easy, web-based access to DNS management. When a domain is hosted at Mercury, e-mail services can be added, and web forwarding is included at no extra charge.

Mercury Telecom's four DNS servers are located in two, diverse data centers on separate power grids and separate backbones:

Server IP


Mercury Telecom provides domain registration for $25 a year. When you purchase any hosting service for a domain from Mercury Telecom, domain registration is only $15 a year.

You can lock in savings by registering or renewing your domains at the current prices for up 10 years. Just let us know how many years to register or renew your domains for, and multiply that by the annual rate.

Add Exchange-level e-mail, calendaring, and collaboration at your domain for only $29.50 a year more and web hosting for only $64.90 a year more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The domain name system (DNS) translates Internet domain and host names to their corresponding IP address using a distributed database. When you type a web site address, such as, in your web browser, DNS automatically converts that web site address to an IP address of the web server that is hosting that site. DNS is what makes it possible for people to use friendly, readable domain names for their websites that allow others to easily find them on the internet.

To register a domain just call Mercury Telecom customer service and one of our representatives will be able to assist you with registering your new domain name.

When you register a domain, general information about who is responsible for the domains will be made publicly available. This information is generally used to allow for quick resolutions of technical issues and to help aid in enforcing trademark, copyright, and other laws.

By default, domain name registrations last for a minimum of 1 year. However, you are given the opportunity to register a domain name for multiple years in yearly increments. At the end of your registration period you will be required to renew the domain name at the current price of domain name registration.

If domain names are not renewed at the end of your registration period they will expire and will enter a grace period of 40 days. During this 40 day grace period the original registrant can renew the domain at no additional cost. At the end of the 40 day grace period the domain will enter the redemption period. During this period it may be deleted or auctioned off. If a domain is queued to enter or is part of a live auction, the original registrant cannot redeem the domain at this time.

Depending on the status of the domain during this redemption period, it may still be possible to renew the domain but the cost is greater than that of a normal domain renewal. To redeem a domain during the redemption period, it is recommended that you contact Mercury Telecom customer service.

Domains can be both transferred to and away from Mercury Telecom. The registrars involved are known as the “losing registrar” and the “gaining registrar”. When transferring domains, most registrars will impose a few minor restrictions. These restrictions normally consist of a time frame in which the domain being transferred must have resided with the losing registrar. This time frame is generally 60 days since the domain was first registered or transferred to the losing registrar, but may vary depending on the registrar.

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