High-Speed Internet

Surf at speeds up to 75 Mbps!

Includes Wi-Fi Router!

Mercury’s Neptune Wi-Fi Router is specifically designed for Mercury High-Speed Internet. It delivers solid speed and connectivity for up to four wired devices plus Wi-Fi for your smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices, as well as phone service for up to two lines (phone service sold separately). Stream video and audio, play multi-player games, and chat all day and night.

Mercury’s Neptune Router features:

  • Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity
  • External antennas for excellent Wi-Fi coverage
  • 4 Ports for connecting wired devices
  • 2 Ports for Mercury Phone service
  • Configured and supported by Mercury

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Additional Services Available

  • E-Mail Hosting: Premium 25 GB mailboxes are $3.00 per mailbox per month
  • Web Hosting: Plans start at $6.49 a month
  • Domain Registration: Reserve your own domain name for $25.00 a year, and only $15.00 a year when you also purchase E-Mail or Web Hosting for that domain from Mercury.

Frequently Asked Questions

We broadcast signals from nearby towers to beam high-speed Internet wirelessly to your building. An antenna and radio outside connects to our Neptune Router inside which provides your computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices with reliable, high-speed Internet that’s always on. No telephone or cable service is needed to get Mercury High-Speed Internet.

Our wireless signals can travel up to 10 miles from a tower, so the service is often available where cable and DSL are not. However, hills and foliage can limit the range of the signals. Call us or use the availability tool above to see if service is available in your area.

Any device capable of connecting to the Internet using Ethernet or Wi-Fi can connect to Mercury High-Speed Internet. The antenna, radio, and Neptune Router are provided on a rental basis and included in the prices shown.

We use different radios and antennas depending on the signal available at the install location. The most common is a round dish that is similar to a DirecTV satellite dish. Even though the antenna looks similar, our signal comes from a nearby tower and not a satellite in space, making our Internet much faster. Another style is a yagi antenna that looks like a TV antenna and can be up to 6 feet in length.

Speeds vary based on the strength of signal available at your location. With strong signals, download speeds up to 75 Mbps can be achieved.

Yes. Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Yes. Repair service is $150 for the trip, which includes the first 30 minutes of labor, plus $25 every 15 minutes thereafter, $1.00 per foot of cable replaced, and the cost to repair or replace any damaged equipment. Rented equipment must be returned to Mercury Telecom in the same condition it was provided, reasonable wear and tear expected. Mercury will waive repair charges when the trouble is found to be with Mercury’s rented equipment and it occurred during normal wear and tear. Payment for all other repairs, including those caused by lightning or storm damage, negligence, tampering, or repairs diagnosed as a customer equipment problem, are the responsibility of the Customer.

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